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Sandy's Quilts

I've been quilting since about 1985. At first, I usually machine pieced and hand quilted. Hand quilting is so relaxing! Because of where I lived most of my life, I didn't have any formal lessons until 1998, when I also started learning to machine quilt. However, I read lots of books and magazines, and I watched lots of PBS quilting programs. Then I found some online quilting friends, which led to even more fun! In June, 1999, my husband and I retired to the Las Vegas, NV, area, so now I'm enjoying having access to quilt shops and quilt groups. Click on the links to see some of my quilts. Enjoy your visit!

The animals in my life



Jill -- my twin, who also quilts now!
Phyl Wason -- my quilting buddy
Quilt Camp in the Pines
Carol Doak Paper-Piecing Group -- lots of fun here!
Sharyn Craig -- what a great teacher!
Jan Krentz -- another great one.
More links are on the various quilt pages.



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